Trickle Down Economics

Trickle Down Economic Theory
There’s a problem with that neo-con favourite ‘Trickle Down’ Economic Theory. Far too much experience has proven that the pain it causes (and there is always pain) never trickles up the economic ladder. The uber-wealthy and corporations just increase their profits. That ‘return on investment’ gets stashed away and not, as the theorists project, spent on increasing jobs (at least not here).

I’ve summed this up as “Trickle Down Economics: The Pain Never Trickles Up” and offer it on t-shirts at GearBubble as shown here.

NEW more subtle? VERSION
I was happy to fill a customer request for a less colourful version of this design- now available in light grey text on blue, purple, red or green fabrics as short sleeved, long sleeved or sweatshirt.

Funny story about “trickle down
(Previously posted here in 2009)
One of my previous summer jobs was working in the office of a private men’s health club. One summer eve, the person who was scheduled to replace me at shift change came in an hour early to use the sauna (to sweat out an excess of beer, if my nose is any judge). At about 5 minutes to shift change he stumbled into the office; declaring himself ‘ready to go’.

I don’t know if he skipped the sauna or really had that much beer in him, but he was patently not ready to be seen by our clientele, much less interact with them. I told him so, and left a voice-mail for the owner that I would work right through. Rather than enjoy his sudden night off, he proceeded to yell at me that he’d had enough of people telling him what to do- his exact final words were “piss on you“. Then he did. Warm, smelling of beer; trickling down my pant leg… and that is always how I think of “trickle down” anything.

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