I’ve listed here my various blog posts published with “Queer Gift Ideas.” Not all items are by, or about, queer folk specifically. Most are, and the other items are ones I think queer folk will enjoy, or benefit from. Although published near the calendar year-end, there are plenty of gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries or “just because” gifts.

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<- Mystical Arts Gifts: Gift suggestions from my alter ego Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex, Sister Who, my partner Jason of Summerland Candles as well as Guncle Tarot.

To whatever extent you give gifts- at calendar year end or other times – I offer these suggestions for anyone interested in the Mystical Arts.

qfgi240dnr<- QGI Doc & Raider books: For those not familiar with the strip, DNR started as a hand-drawn comic back in the mid80s in Canada. As it’s creator Sean says, it “had a pretty successful run for almost a decade: two anthologies, about 3.5 million readers worldwide, and raising some pretty serious bucks for everything from an AIDS hospice in New Zealand to an arts festival in Scotland. I let the strip go fallow for a number of years, then brought it out of retirement a couple of years ago when the opportunity arose to convert the guys into 3D versions of themselves. This format is also allowing me to explore animating the guys; that should be a lot of fun.”

qfgi240ssm<- QFGI More books by Sean Martin: In addition to being the creator of Doc & Raider, Sean is a talented writer and illustrator. In addition to the D&R series, Sean has turned his talents to stories old and new. From “a fable about hope, expectation, and the search for True Happiness and the Universal Vegetable — not to mention a certain Greek god wreaking a tiny bit of havoc in a small gay bar in Toronto,” (The Apollo of Hérouxville) to an illustrated retelling of Gilgamesh (the earliest known piece of literature). And so much more.

qfgi240movies<- QGI Queer Movies: A list of 13 titles: a baker’s dozen, or perhaps a coven? I have each of the first ten titles in my library. The last three titles are new to me, but come recommended by a friend who has similar taste in movies, so I am quite comfortable listing them here.

qfgi240randp<- QGI Romanovsky & Phillips: Books, calendars and other licensed merch for the ground-breaking queer folk music duo.

Also, we published 1 Out Of 10 Therapists to mark the 30th anniversary of their first public (musical) performance. The title of this volume comes from their Official Tour t-shirts sold at concerts. Those shirt designs have also been re-issued.

qfgi240decrose<- QGI December Rose: World AIDS Day 2010: Published by The Digital Gryphon LLC, this book contains 60 images from the Whetstone Park of Roses taken on 12/01/10 (World Aids Day). 90% of proceeds are donated.

qfgi240fdig-gryphon-books <- QGI Poetry and More: Four books from The Digital Gryphon LLC.

<- QGI More Books: Some books that I consider important and/or powerful. Strongly suggested reading.

A collection of short stories, a memoir, a novel, a discussion of how to make a better world, and a book on how to be more aware of yourself in this world. Truly something for everyone.

Queer Gift Ideas – Important Disclosures:
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