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June 24, 2022

I have launched this GoFundMe campaign to help in getting reliable transportation. See this page for the story of my previous car. All donations are appreciated- I know that plenty of folks are facing their […]


Pride Month (Pre-Birthday) Wish Lists

June 1, 2022

UPDATE: June 21, 2022. I was expecting my 2012 model Kia Forte (189k miles) to be in service for 2 or 3 more years. However on Thursday, as it was parked for the evening, it […]

Card Readings

Further Adventures in POD land

May 21, 2022

Following up my posts about self-publishing decks at TheGameCrafter (TGC), I’ve started to research (MPC) as a secondary supplier. MPC seems popular with a number of deck designers and purchasers. Being based in Hong […]

Card Readings

Guncle Post

May 6, 2022

Introducing GunclePost from Guncle Post: An envelope filled with goodies that all connect (at least in my quirky, queer, mind) sent via USPS 1st Class. What To Expect: Your bundle includes both a Tarot […]

Card Readings

Decks To Rehome

March 11, 2022

Every now and then a Card Reader or Collector will decide they have a deck (or two) that would be better suited in someone else’s hands. I re-homed my Aquarian Tarot Deck a few years […]


Crowd Funding Project

February 23, 2022

FAMILY OF LOVERS: Celebrating the Music of Romanovsky & Phillips (Who are Romanovsky & Phillips?) I envision an album (available as a CD and through streaming services) of covers of R&P (and Ron Romanovsky’s solo) […]

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