• darling-days
    This is not a review in any traditional sense. Rather, I will talk about how much I identify with certain quotes, themes and images from its pages. This book is a memoir, a [keep reading]
  • rhps-potp
    Next Tuesday (that is, October 25th for those who find this post some day down the road) I will be at a Hallowe’en event that includes screening both Rocky Horror [keep reading]
  • matthew102s
    Matthew Sheppard – October 12, 1998 The Orlando 49 – June 12, 2016 The first 9 Months of 2016: “In the first nine months of 2016, the murders of 22 [keep reading]
  • out-of-the-closet12
    Regular readers know that I love the music of “groundbreaking gay folk music duo” Romanovsky & Phillips– to the point of operating the Official [keep reading]
  • equality-equal-square
    During the ’80s, as AIDS was decimating the gay & lesbian communities of Toronto, I volunteered with various community organizations. Some raised funds to fight [keep reading]
  • iotw300x300
    The following clip from PBS’ News Hour crossed my Facebook stream a few minutes ago. It’s a short piece by and about Oi Tillett Wright- artist, activist, actor, [keep reading]
  • cp360heteronormative-shirt
    A long time ago, in a studio far away, on the old DNR (Derek and Romaine) Show, I heard an interview with Lori Duron; Mother of CJ and author of a blog (and book) about [keep reading]

Designs I Like

  • pepper200project
    Our Peppers Project- photographs taken as part of a study of colours, shapes and shadows. Some images have been further processed to illustrate various digital art effects. [keep reading]
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    Save 25% on our 2017 Wall Calendars by ordering early. Prices go up after Labour Day. Calendars are printed-on-demand, and ship in a few days. Our list of titles cover: Our [keep reading]
  • cp150we_wont_disappear_tee
    As I wrote last year in Fey Gay Tops: “Our freedom to be as proudly queer as we truly are can only exist when all our permutations of gender, gender-identity, sexual [keep reading]


  • PaulPeelAfterTheBath
    As a young gay man in the ’80s I was not only a regular patron of Toronto’s bath houses (“steambath” or “men’s health club“), I [keep reading]
  • multiple-poetry-books12
    Celebrate Pride Month With Queer Words: You Buy A Book, I’ll Donate One Extended through July 4th For each copy of the following titles of poetry, poetic prose or [keep reading]
  • multiple-poetry-books12
    April is National Poetry Month- And We’re Celebrating Save **% on Digital Gryphon Publishing Poetic Publications The following titles of poetry, poetic prose or poetic [keep reading]


Politics Plus

  • Choose200Joy
    Today is the 15th anniversary of the events of Nine-Eleven. Whether caused by the “intelligence failures” we were told, or any of the ‘conspiracy [keep reading]
  • Choose200Joy
    Reclaiming ‘gratitude’ – I’ve blogged a few times about my issues around ‘gratitude’ – “just be thankful it’s not [keep reading]
  • Burst_07
    A few days ago I posed a question to my friends on Facebook about the term ‘Gold Star Gay‘. The term refers to a gay man who has never had sex (however they [keep reading]

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This is not a review in any traditional sense. Rather, I will talk about how much I identify with certain quotes, themes and images from its pages. This book [keep reading]


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