Every now and then a Card Reader or Collector will decide they have a deck (or two) that would be better suited in someone else’s hands. I re-homed my Aquarian Tarot Deck a few years ago to someone who truly appreciates the beautiful artwork. More recently I re-homed one of my Patrick Valenza oracle decks; the proceeds were then spent in a different PV deck that better suits my practice.

I now have 5 decks in search of their new home. Most are decks that I’ve had for some time, but just do not connect with.

Each of the decks is available at the price indicated below, plus postage;
# Shipping is US$9.00 for delivery within the US via Priority Post for as many decks as you’d like;
# If you’re buying a single deck that weights under 13oz once packed I may be able to use First Class Package (will need your zip code to quote);
# Open to shipping outside the USA but will have to get up-to-the-minute quotes;
# Payment via PayPal or Zelle;
# Open to the possibility of a trade for someone with an established presence in my online circles.

D. Virtue Oracle Cards
I have 3 of a number of decks designed by Doreen Virtue (pre-conversion) for Hay House, but no longer published. This image links to a larger version.
  # Archangel Michael Oracle Cards (I never connected with this deck);
  # Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Re-homed;
  # Life Purpose Oracle Cards Re-homed.

Each deck includes 44 cards and a guidebook of 100+ pages in a hard 2-part box. Some minor wear on the exteriors. While these might be considered Collector’s items at an auction site, my interest is in getting them to where they belong. Happy to get US$10.00 (plus shipping) per deck.

The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne
Published by Hay House after being independently published by the artist. Their description is:
Infused with a wildly eclectic spirit, The Muse Tarot will illuminate your path towards inspiration and magic with its bright symbolism and powerful Muse energy. The suits are recast as Emotions (Cups), Inspiration (Wands), Voices (Swords), and Materials (Pentacles) to deliver messages from the source of creation. The detailed guidebook contains card meanings, poetry, and word prompts to offer insight into your readings while stoking the sparks of your creativity. Ignite the Muse within!

I have, and love, Chris-Anne’s Light Seers Tarot, Sacred Creators Oracle and Tarot of Curious Creatures, but just do not connect with this deck. This copy is available for US$12.00 plus shipping.

The deck, LWB and title cardCat’s Eye Tarot
A delightful deck I bought as part of investing a Stimulus Cheque in various decks. A bit too cute for me to use, and then I was gifted Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot of Pagan Cats over the holidays. The new deck is plenty cute; but resonates more. Perhaps the less-domestic backgrounds?

One cat deck is plenty, so the first deck is available. I’ve flipped through it a couple of times, and done just one reading with it- still have the tuck box in good shape. Available for US$12.00 plus shipping.

image focused on the deckimage focused on the bookphoto of the Table of Contents

The Limited Edition Sacred Rose Tarot:
The wood box contains a gilt-edged, Majors only (22 card) deck with Signed + Numbered title card and artist’s bio card. This was published in 1980. The mass market 78 card deck was published 2 years later and is still in print- no gilding, and a standard tuck box.

The 240 page book by the artist is from 1999 and now Out of Print. The picture of the Contents Page links to a larger image for clarity.

I’ve found 1 copy of the LE deck at a reputable dealer for US$40 and this book is offered at the usual sites from US$70- I paid about US$35. I now have the mass market version of the deck and don’t find myself referring to the book since my one read through.

The deck and book are available as a set for US$75.00 plus shipping.

Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
The 192 page 6″X9″ book and 50 card deck (3.5″x5″) was published in 1994. Although I’ve connected with other decks based on First Nations (Indigenous peoples) cultures and spiritual traditions, this one remains unused. In addition, the deck has bowed over time- see the top of the image. This image links to a larger version.

The card corners aren’t ‘dog eared’ at all, and the colours are still bright. The book shows slight wear; the original packaging did not make the move down to Ohio 25 years ago.

It is still in print, with the card condition as noted above, so this deck & book set is available for US$2.00 plus shipping.

Quite a diverse collection! Please find me on various Social Media or send a note to BrianGryphon(at)yahoo(dot)com to confirm availability.