Self-employment is both a joy and a struggle. Cash flow fluctuates even more than the temperature these days. Having a strict budget I can’t always purchase an indie deck that’s only available for a limited time. Knowing that disappointment I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to make a small wholesale purchase of The Barkana Tarot deck that the creator stopped distributing as of January 1st. They are moving overseas this year and need to focus on that and other projects.

closed box of cards

The Barkana Tarot Deck

“You’ve entered the world of dog-inspired tarot! Every image of this 78-card deck holds a gentle adaption of traditional tarot symbols in a way that captures the unique personalities of your best canine friends.

“Each vibrant watercolor painting is based off a real dog (or two, like in the Lovers). It’s immortalized dogs that have crossed over and shown off newly adopted pups. Every single dog is placed on a card that their human selects ensuring that the dog’s real colors come out in a tarot card that fits them perfectly.”

Official Retailer of the deck

  • Card Specs:
  • Limited edition 1,000 decks;
  • 350gsm cored paper stock;
  • High quality light gloss finish;
  • Magnetic clamshell close box;
  • Standard Tarot size cards (2.75”x4.75”);
  • Shrink wrapped.
  • Deck ©copyright 2022 The Major Barkana

About the Artist: Calion Smith
“Calion is a mental health and disability activist, who was training his own service dog, Tali. She was attacked in mid-2020 and retired, but now is an amazing ESA and Calion is still working as an advocate for the service dog community.

Calion is also a trans masculine person who loves flowers, watercolor painting, fashion, and his fiance. He has a bold sense of humor, a curious view on the world, and a lot of hope for the future.”