What’s an S-Qair?:
Pronounced “esc-where” or ‘square’ or perhaps ‘esquire’; it refers to my newly created ‘Self-led Queer Artist In Residence programme’. As a 61 year old queer survivor with only sporadic Creative output and a mish-mash of formal training, I’m not eligible for any AIR grants or stipends that I’ve been able to find.

So I’ve created my own.

My Creative Background:
I have self-published poetry, photography and graphic designs in book, art print, and merchandise forms. Visit DigitalGryphon.com to see more. Early work focused on capturing beauty, as an antidote to how much of the opposite fills my world. My current work touches on the repression (and attempts to recover) memories that circumstantial evidence paints as horrible. From surviving my childhood through the onslaught of grid/ aids/ hiv, to addictions and outliving my personal life expectancy by over 50%, to the financial, physical and mental challenges of living with various chronic conditions, well below the poverty line, still a few years shy of qualifying for government retirement benefits. Check out this page for some biographical details.

My ‘2dew list‘ includes expanding these themes/subjects through writing, photography and computer graphic work. It also includes supporting the projects of other folks through publishing and other means. And it includes funding my community service through RubberChickenMinistries.org (a digital, queer, non-theist, spiritual humanist ministry of Joy, Kindness and Love).

My Trigger:
Sitting here, contemplating things (life and what-not) after my 2nd colonoscopy. The first one was just over 10 years ago; age 50. I had just been separated from the corporate world at the height (depth?) of the 2008 depression and enrolled in Digital Photography and Graphic Design courses at a local Community College. I took my part-time pet photography business full-time (5 years), continued my photography & graphic design work, and cobbled together a series of seasonal and part-time jobs to maintain my household.

I am still living in the house I bought in 2006. However that house (still settling while sitting under 20 feet of water after the 1913 Franklinton Flood) and my body (abused over the years as mentioned above) each are in need of repair. After this recent procedure I was told to plan on coming back for #3 in just 3 years. Half a dozen small polyps were taken out to be tested; they did turn out to be non-cancerous.

My S-Qair Programme:
To kick-start 2020 I have created a short Artist In Residence programme to be based in my current residence; so no extra travel or accommodations expense. Funds raised will allow me to cancel all my usual weekday food delivery shifts until mid-February 2020. This will free up time, energy and funds to:
# finish 2 (or more) major projects from my ‘2dew list‘;
# finish additional minor projects;
# enroll in one technical/design and one academic course at a local Community College;
# prepare materials and launch a Patreon account;
# accept only Creative Projects that support my Creative Goals;
# emerge and attend 1 or 2 social networking events.

How You Can Help:
If folks who tell me how much they respect the struggle my generation of queer folks survived each chipped in $12.00 this campaign would quickly be fully-funded. My first thought was to set up a GoFundMe (or similar) campaign. Those sites each take a fee on top of what PayPal charges for forwarding funds. They are designed for specific creative projects that become the source of gifts or rewards; adding additional expenses that have to be factored into the campaign’s total budget. Those rewards also require time and energy to produce and distribute; stealing away from the intended purpose of freeing up time and energy.

Rather than set a goal of US$1,600 to cover fees and rewards, my goal is to bring in US$1,200 and send out to the world high-quality, meaningful, queer art. Right now you can donate US$4 (or multiples of that) at ko-fi.com.

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