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Earning a Living

April 13, 2023

I posted the section below (all that math stuff) on FB back in February. This is about just how little income many ‘gig economy’ independent contractors are making so folks can stay inside and wait [read more]

Cardboard sleeve for a 2-cd set Cohen Live in London.
Politics And More


March 31, 2023

“It’s a cold and It’s a broken Hallelujah” Yes, I’m glad there’s progress, such as it is, in prosecuting at least some of the many crimes of the twice-impeached, disgraced (and disgraceful) former US President. [read more]

Politics And More

Machine-Produced Wealth

March 27, 2023

Originally posted 03/15/2018… seems relevant to the current situation. There are many great quotes attributed to the recently-departed Stephen Hawking. This one from a few years ago seems timely: “If machines produce everything we need, [read more]


The Work of a Queer Sister

February 21, 2023

Who Is Sister Who? Sister Who (Does She Think She Is?) has been ministering to folks across the globe from Denver, Colorado for decades. They are not officially part of the international Orders of Perpetual [read more]

Politics And More

Reducing My Amzn Footprint

December 13, 2022

Original Post: 11/16/2021 A few years ago I decided to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, Amzn as a supplier. Today’s post will update my progress; looking at my purchases from them, earning Affiliate fees for promoting [read more]

Politics And More

Fundraising Designs

June 24, 2022

The specific financial crush that prompted the GoFundMe campaign and my 3 Limited Edition t-shirts has, mostly, been resolved. Thank you to everyone who contributed; money or positive vibes. However I will take this opportunity [read more]