An Open Letter To Senator Sanders

Dear Bernie;
Let me start by saying I started feeling the Bern the first time I heard of your candidacy. In fact, before I moved down to Ohio (third generation cross-border family) I voted NDP in every election possible. Also I must emphasize this is being written at 11:30pm, while on a break at work. I apologize for any rambling and errors in spelling or grammar.

Upon hearing the clip of your speech tonight in PA, or at least the portion discussing Sect. Clinton’s qualifications, I was, to say the least, surprised. MSNBC also replayed the relevant clip from the Secretary’s interview with Joe Scarborough from this mornng. It is clear to me that the Sect did not in fact say quote unqualified unquote. To be fair, neither did she say unequivocally that you ARE qualified. That is, she obfuscated.

I don’t know whether you watched that interview while focused on other, important, matters or if you relied on someone else’s summary. Either way I am surprised you did not think it highly unlikely that she would answer such a question so directly. Be that as it may, she did not, and so the word you attributed to her was not uttered by her.

I trust you will correct your misstatement. Not for political reasons (although there is one, I will mention momentarily) but because you are not someone who would let it stay uncorrected.

The aforementioned political reason is that so long as your misattribution stands it negates the valid point you wanted to make. In fact, the Secretary is not qualified to be the President of we, the people and lead the political revolution thay may be our last best hope to save our democracy.

Your campaign and your dedication to democratic socialism in the tradition of FDR is too important to be derailed by this.

Thank you,
Brian Gryphon

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Morning Update:
This open letter was written out over an hour after hearing the MSNBC report, so I need to correct the following:

1. Bernie actually said “quote, unquote, not qualified

2. It now appears that Bernie may not have been referring directly to the Secretary’s interview on ‘Morning Joe’ but rather an article about it, in the Washington Post with the headline “Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president“.

I don’t believe either changes the gist of my letter- the ‘mainstream media’ and supporters of the Secretary’s campaign are now driving the conversation to Bernie’s misstatement, rather than the substance of his claim.

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