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mock up of a CD jewel caseFAMILY OF LOVERS:
Celebrating the Music of Romanovsky & Phillips

(Who are Romanovsky & Phillips?)
I envision an album (available as a CD and through streaming services) of covers of R&P (and Ron Romanovsky’s solo) songs recorded by a mix of well-established and very new recording artists. There must be a strong representation of ‘Alphabet Artists’ (folx who publicly identify as some part of an LGBT/Q+ community) and artists who have earned a reputation for supporting LGBT/Q+ and other ‘social justice’ issues.

I personally have neither the funds, connexions, nor ability to undertake this as a ‘Production Of The Digital Gryphon llc‘ (my small, independent photography and design studio). My attempts to find someone to produce this (or my WIMP musical theatre production) have so far been unsuccessful.

And so I’m researching the possibility of turning Family Of Lovers into a Crowd Funded project.

I know that many artists (musical, visual, literary) have used crowd funding with various levels of success. Realizing that such musical projects are generally individual (singer or group) creators rather than a collaboration of over a dozen, I appreciate those aren’t really templates to use, or indications of likely outcome.

The first step in planning a crowd funded project is understanding both the financial resources required and legal steps involved in bringing together such a diverse group of talents; singers, musicians, designers and technical support.

This .pdf is a list of categories of expenses that are required to successfully complete the project. Because of the variety of talent and legal factors in play, the precise order of raising funds and contracting individuals will be an improv dance.

At this point I’m looking for insight from music industry folks:

  • # What items/categories am I missing?
  • # How do I calculate reasonable estimates?
  • # Who can connect me with the right folks?
  • # Just how unrealistic is this dream?
  • Please reach out to me via briangryphon(at)att(dot)net – or find me on various social media.

While it may be a bit early to launch an official Crowd Sourcing campaign, I am accepting donations via my Ko-fi page to fund a meeting with a specialized Intellectual Property/ Music Industry lawyer. Recommendations gladly received.

mock up of a fundraising tee shirt
Potential Fundraising T-Shirt Design

Family Of Lovers is the most complex challenge I’ve faced in my life- and I’m excited.

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