Coming out of a discussion on labels- of the political kind. I am a Progressive, I am a Liberal. Neither label is 100% accurate; I disagree with some views held by others who claim those labels. But I disagree more strongly with those who call themselves conservative. I most especially do not identify with fundamentalists; whether left- or right-leaning, political or religious.

I support a nation founded on fighting against an establishment based on birthright, religious orthodoxy and “knowing one’s place“. The Founding Fathers wanted to throw off the yoke of tyranny – by blending religious freedom and freedom of conscience with a commitment to care for the general welfare.

I’m proud to say I’m a Liberal;
Our Founding Fathers made us free!
They fought against the establishment;
Nobles who thought themselves better’n we.

I’m proud to be a Progressive;
Movin’ us forward day by day.
Don’t want to conserve an establishment
Willing to destroy the world to get their way.

(While I suspect no one will want to copy this, it is © Copyright 2010)

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