We’ll Begin Again

After a short break to get political (not polite) [R+P reference] it’s time to continue my weekly discussions based on a quote from the lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips. Today- a gem hidden in a short piece that appears to be merely a song about one very unclear relationship.

Album coverWe’ll Begin Again
from “Pittsburgh to Paris

You’ll tell me that I’m handsome
I’ll say I’m a bore
I’ll tell you that you fascinate me
You’ll say you’re just plain
We may laugh a bit too carefully
And we’ll begin again

Oh man- a very short selection but so full of meaning. I selected this quote because of how well Ron has masked the message with the rhyme and rhythm; I don’t know how many times I heard it before I really understood. You say I’m handsome but I reply that I’m a bore; answering my statement that you are fascinating. You answer with you’re just plain- in contrast to your thinking I’m handsome.

It’s called “talking at cross-purposes” and it happens far more often than we realize. We each approach life from our own viewpoint- and we always will unless or until we consciously chose to ‘step outside ourself’ to see things from another viewpoint. It’s not easy; to be open to seeing we might be wrong. And yet it is so necessary these days as the ‘Murican political system is in danger of becoming so polarized that nothing gets done on health insurance reform, abortion, global warming, the death penalty, tax reform and a host of other issues.

*We’ll Begin Again” Lyrics and music ¬©Copyright 1977 by Ron Romanovsky; Published by Bodacious Music (ASCAP). From “Pittsburgh to Paris” available at the Official R+P Website.

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