My Dad

Dad passed away five years ago; just before midnight (local time) Monday September 12, 2016, in Owen Sound, Ontario.

He was surrounded by family and passed peacefully at the age of 89. He is survived by wife Ann, step-children Lee & Cindy and step-grandkids. Morna, his first wife and my Mum, crossed over Feb. 19, 2007. He is survived by their children, James (JB), Kathy, Brian and Karen; grandchildren Christopher, Kennie, TJ, Melissa, Kayla and Heather; great-grandchildren Julian, James, Alaura, Dominic, Bella and Elijah.

The first picture (above, or left) is from May, 2013. Below is a picture of young Jimmy with his younger brother Orville. The third picture is from a Christmas celebration from, iirc, the apartment on Islington Ave in west Toronto.

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