Metaphor Dice

After receiving payment for a freelance assignment, I treated myself to Metaphor Dice. I’d heard about it a few different places. As their marketing material says, they “make the formation of metaphors as easy as rolling a handful of dice! Combine one concept (RED), one object (BLUE), and adjective (WHITE), and you’ll have the basis of a metaphor.” As I’ve written very little poetry since moving down here some 20 years ago, I’m open to playing with it.

So here’s what flowed from my first roll:

The future is not a gentle trophy
Not merely a participation medal
For having escaped a homicidal maniac
FoOr privilege from the circumstances of my birth

This life I am currently living
Is built on repression and expression
And Ffacing just one personal demon at a time
Means that I never haveing to abandon depressionsuffering.

This future I am now a part of
Was far from certain or even expected
After the virus exploded all around me
Destroying lives, decimating a generation

This present physical container of mine
Battered and mutilated through years of abuse
Chemical, emotional and spiritual
Has never been gentle, nor claimed as a trophy.
© 2019

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