In a recent post I mentioned that I’ve just completed FOTO116 Artistic Photography at Columbus State Community College. Christina, one of my classmates, composed and read the following poem as part of her final presentation. I like it very much and am posting it here with her permission. Many photographers are hesitant to claim the title of Artist – and yet many of us strive to be just that.


Before, I saw without really seeing
I was stuck in an old way of being
My actions rigid, my thoughts undefined
With a towering wall I was hiding behind

My journey through life was a well scripted walk
Always keeping time by the tick of a clock
Escaping to nature at times to explore
But missing my chances to see something more

Now I am learning to open my eyes
To see what’s around me and shed my disguise
To follow my intuition and banish the demanding
Letting go of control and little understanding

My vision is taking shape, no longer constricted
I’m growing in ways I never predicted
I am an artist; my camera sets me free
But my photos convey so much more than I see

My pictures may be snapshots, a moment in time
But they chronicle my growth and portray the sublime
I aspire to challenge others to look beyond
I’ve taken the steps; now how will you respond?

© Copyright 2011 by Christina Pagan – All Rights Reserved

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