Featuring the music of
Romanovsky & Phillips

Wimp” tells the story of one man’s journey from lonely, unathletic loner to out and proud gay young man in 18 songs. The total run-time for these songs, as recorded, is about 60 minutes. This is not a work in progress. Rather, it’s an outline that a more qualified person can use to make a proposal to Ron Romanovsky for a musical theatrical production using the music and lyrics of Romanovsky & Phillips and Ron Romanovsky‘s solo albums. It might also, as noted in my 2014 blog post of the idea, be a concert play list for a choral group or glee club.

To be clear, permission for using any of the songs needs to arranged by contacting Ron Romanovsky– I am not his agent. However, I do operate the Official R&P Facebook Page and Official R&P Merchandise Shop for Ron. Also, I edited & published 1 Out Of 10 Therapists, and serve as Webmaster for romanovskyandphillips.com. Ron is aware of this ‘play list’ idea of mine.

About a dozen of the song titles link to short clips (~40 seconds each) at RomanovskyAndPhillips.com.

Act One
Outfield Blues (ITYBT)
My Mother’s Clothes (ER)
Boys (P2P)
Guilt Song (HR)
The Last Ones to Know (LFI)
One Way Out (LFI)


Act Two
What Kind of Self-Respecting Faggot Am I? (TIP)
Wimp (TIP)
Oh No I’m In Love (BPNP)
Give Me A Homosexual (ER)
Baby Take Advantage of Me (HR)
I Like To Polka (HR)


Act Three
Straightening Up The House (ER)
He Is My L-O-V-E-R (LFI)
Socks and Underwear (TUTF)
Homophobia (TIP)
When Heterosexism Strikes (BPNP)
Let’s Flaunt It ! (LFI)


(ITYBT) I Thought You’d Be Taller (1984)
(TIP) Trouble In Paradise (1986)
(ER) Emotional Rollercoaster (1988)
(BPNP) Be Political Not Polite (1991)
(HR)* Hopeful Romantic (1992)
(LFI) Let’s Flaunt It! (1995)
(P2P)* Pittsburgh to Paris (2006)
(TUTF)* Turn Up The Fun (2008)
HR, P2P & TUTF are 3 of Ron’s solo albums