Politics And More

Three Green Rs

July 14, 2010

When I was younger (“so much younger than today..“) we heard about three Rs for ‘saving the planet’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Now we only really hear the term ‘Recycle‘. It has come to mean […]


Drag History Month

January 1, 2010

Between Hallmark and various national disease-based organizations it’s hard to think of a group or condition that doesn’t already have an official (or unofficial) Day, Week or Month. One of the newest such celebrations is […]

Politics And More

Term Limits; Republicant Diversion?

November 12, 2009

Terms Limits for Houses of Congress It seems that some members of the Republicant Party are again floating the idea of Term Limits for federal Senators and Representatives. Ignoring for the moment that they only […]

Designs I Like

Doc and Raider

November 4, 2009

One of the most prized books in my library is my copy of “Doc & Raider Caught On Tape“. It is autographed by the author; the inscribed title page is shown here. Sean and I […]



October 11, 2009

Today is “National Coming Out Day“, and the “National Equality March and Rally” in Washington DC. It is also the start of a new feature here; every Sunday I will post a quote from the […]