vase in open box with Certificate and News clippingLimited Edition:
Kaiser Royal Silhouette Vase 1977

Issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Number 359 of a Limited Edition of 500. When HM coat of arms is visible, her silhouette is visible in the right side. Reversing the vase brings Prince Phillips’ coat of arms around, and his profile to the right.

This was a present from Dad when I graduated Secondary School in 1977. I am unable to display it properly, so looking to find someone to appreciate it.

The Vase is in good condition. The box bears some wear and tear, as visible in photographs on this page. The Certificate of Authenticity and clipping from the Enquirer are each illustrated separately below.

I am asking US$200.00 + Shipping and any Payment Processing fees.

Delivery via USPS Priority Post is estimated at $29.75 insured for delivery within the USA. If payment is made via Zelle directly to my Bank Account, the total is US$230.00. If payment is made via PayPal, the total sales price will be US$240.00, and if I were to add it as a listing on eBay, the total sales becomes US$270.00 due to their fees.

Shipping costs and processing fees for an international address will need to be quoted.

And that’s why I’m hoping to find someone I know who wants to buy it directly. Contact me through one of my Social Media accounts, or via Contact[at]digitalgryphon[dot]com.

The Vase in the open boxClosed box showing wear and tear

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clipping from a National Enquirerview of the neck