Statement of Intent

I’m an Elder, first perhaps by default (“last man standing” as it were). But also because I want need to share my wisdom (or at least experience) to encourage younger generations of my various communities.

And I’m part of a number of communities:
# my biological family;
# my chosen families;
# gender/ sexuality communities;
# kink/ fetish communities;
# the universal orders of Perpetual Indulgence.

In some idealized universe, devoid of the effects of late-stage consumption capitalism and a lifetime of depression, I might be able to interact with all these communities in a maximum blend of virtual and ‘real world’ presence. In this current reality I do not have the ability to travel across the globe on a whim to interact face-to-face.

Looking at the above list, I have no doubt that the priority for being present ‘in the flesh’ lies with my biologicals. I recognize the intense blessing of Coming Out in the spring of 1978 to total acceptance by my siblings. Their descendants since then have been equally loving.

Freelance graphic design, to whatever extent I continue to do so, may be easily done from any place with decent internet access and reliable power. Guncle Tarot and Guncle Post are likewise portable. The Ministry of Sister Flirt should ideally include plenty of ‘real world’ outreach, but as important as that work is, it is secondary to my biologicals.

And so, today I am posting and declaring my intention to become, again, a resident of Ontario Canada before my 67th birthday (07/25/2025). This isn’t news to friends and family- but I am taking this from casual references and comments to the magic of a clear Statement of Intent.

I continue to move away from the above-referenced late-stage consumption capitalism- with which I’ve always had an uneasy relationship. US retirement benefits to which I’m entitled are already being received, and once I move back I’ll file for the Canadian retirement benefits earned before I moved down here in 1996.

My two sisters and their progeny reside in various towns across south-western Ontario; from London to Brantford. Short of winning a lottery grand prize, the cost of housing will be a, perhaps the, major factor as to where we land.

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