My Videos About The Gamecrafter Decks

I have a small number of videos on my youTube channel about Tarot and other Oracle decks available at The Gamecrafter. Most are ‘walk throughs’ showing every card in a specific deck, although a few look at how TGC packages orders or the packaging options available to deck creators.

The first video is about just how much jeuje (“that little extra touch“) I want in a deck; not too much. And since Print On Demand has limits on what they can offer, that’s good for me.

TheGameCrafter’s Tarot and Oracle Deck Packaging (June’23):

Unboxing My Latest TheGameCrafter Order (Feb.23):

Walking Through Specific Decks:

Walking Through Decks For GunclePost Nov’23 Mailings (Oct.23):

The Official Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrical Oracle Deck (Sept.23):

MPC and TGC Holographic Decks (June’22):

Marcel’s Oracle Deck- A Walk Through (May’22):

Radiant Souls Oracle Deck Walk Through (May’22):

The Sweeney Tarot; A Walk Through (May’22):

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