On Yesterday's Indictment

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Yes, I’m glad there’s progress, such as it is, in prosecuting at least some of the many crimes of the twice-impeached, disgraced (and disgraceful) former US President.

But so sad he’s gotten as far as he has, with so much active support (and too much passive acceptance), for as long as it’s been going on (and clearly he’s not done working to dismantle the US Constitution), and with no indication of serious changes being pursued.

Well, beyond changes to protect the Establishment. But nothing to address the realities of late-stage consumption capitalism. A major factor in the unrest and distrust that took him far above his “level of respective incompetence“.

There are proven seditionists sitting in Congress, in violation of the Constitution. I’m not aware of any substantial effort by members of either House to, well, clean house.

J6 denial is more acceptable than Holocaust denialism. And the insurrection was broadcast live. Just 2 years ago.

More than once I’ve declared incrementalism is just stalling- behind a facade of activism. Yet I know our current broken (but not really) legal system is a big part of keeping our base survival instinct from exploding- driven by fear mongering used to keep us from building a truly more perfect union.

And so I must put some trust in this shaky reality.

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