The Official R&P Lyrical Oracle Deck

Selected Song Clips

The Shop page at has clips (about 30 to 55 seconds each) of many of their songs, as well as a page with videos.

The following clips include the specific lyrics quoted in the deck; there are also clips of songs from the deck that don’t include the specific verse or chorus that’s on the cards. Note that the quoted lyrics aren’t always at the beginning of these clips.

You may purchase your copy of The Official Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrical Oracle Deck produced to order from The I usually have a few copies available for immediate delivery (to US addresses only) at

All song lyrics are © Copyright by Ron Romanovsky, or Paul Phillips, or Romanovsky and Phillips- all rights reserved. Used under license.

Deck design and layout © 2022 by The Digital Gryphon LLC- all rights reserved.

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