Pride Month (Pre-Birthday) Wish Lists

Portrait of the author from ~1990Next month I’ll celebrate completing 64 trips around Sol. That is, I’ll be turning 2^6. Math nerds unite.

This year is special in the same way every birthday since 1998 has been. When I was 25 I could not see living past 40. For all the reasons outlined in that post I lived only toward making it that far.

The gods laugh.

Aside from using recreational chemicals and leading (by example) a campaign to celebrate sex and sexuality in the midst of a pandemic, I focused on serving my communities:

Much of my work back then was as ‘a worker bee’ rather than being ‘front and center’. I worked retail jobs to cover living expenses; having “career goals” just seemed like setting myself up for disappointment. A Retirement Fund would be a waste of funds better donated to the ‘grassroots’ community groups actively serving immediate needs; the Aids Committee of Toronto, Toronto PWA, and others.

the author at age 62Various chronic conditions, some the result of my wild impetuous youth, now combine to strictly limit my physical & mental energies- while not meeting requirements for disability assistance. This is not said to suggest I don’t enjoy my current life. I really do.

Living to see the explosion of people able to live their truth and identify as everything from Queer to Non-Binary to Pansexual is such a blessing.

Being alive to meet my siblings’ children and grandchildren; each of them as brilliant, quirky and filled with unconditional love as my siblings and our parents (collectively “my biologicals“) an honour and privilege denied too many.

In oh so many ways life is good. After some very challenging years I’ve recently managed to arrange my finances such that I can work reasonable hours while covering the necessities, and even a tiny bit of luxury at times.

That being said, there are a number of younger LGBT/Queer folk who publicly profess their admiration and sense of gratitude for the work of my comrades and I.

As any starving artist will tell you, admiration and #gratitude are wonderful up to a point. Warm fuzzies don’t put gas in the tank. So I’m giving all y’all an opportunity to express your appreciation in a tangible way:

You might consider sending me something from my Amzn wishlist (feel free to purchase from another source);

Or, to avoid giving your money to Jeff, try my wishlist;

Perhaps an item from my TheGamecrafter Wish List?

BTW my snail mail and email addresses are posted on the bottom of Supporting Me.

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