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Introducing GunclePost

Guncle Post: An envelope filled with goodies that all connect (at least in my quirky, queer, mind) sent via USPS 1st Class.

What To Expect:

Your bundle includes both a Tarot and non-Tarot Oracle card from interesting decks, and a mini-reading of the pairing. Each package also includes another item; often a genuine Digital Gryphon piece of art; perhaps poetry or photography or digital art.

Although Tarot decks are generally 78 (or more) cards, most non-Tarot decks have fewer; Guncle Post is limited to 45 subscriptions for the first offering. The next two mailings will offer up to 40 subscriptions; their deck selection is set. For 2022, Guncle Post will be dispatched quarterly. Depending on response, I’ll send either 6 or 12 in 2023. Watch for special discounts on ‘early adopters’ who subscribe for multiple months.

Regular Package Price:
The standard price for Guncle Post is US$12 per mailing; sent via USPS (non-trackable). Visit to subscribe now.

Guncle Post Spring ’22 decks:
The first mailing began going out on April Fool’s Day; it includes jumbo (3.5″x5.5″) cards from The Rainbow Tarot and The Art of Awareness Oracle Cards; both decks available through The Gamecrafter. The Digital Gryphon piece is a surprise.

A limited number are still available; see to confirm availability.

image of 1 oracle card, 2 tarot cards.Guncle Post Summer ’22 decks:
Each Summer 2022 mailing (to be mailed around July 1st) includes 1 card from the Radiant Souls Oracle Deck. As that deck has 36 cards, each envelope will include TWO cards from The Sweeney Tarot rather than 1 tarot card and an original Digital Gryphon piece.

A custom 3 card reading for only US$12!!

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