Further Adventures in POD land

part of the Nav Bar at DGDFollowing up my posts about self-publishing decks at TheGameCrafter (TGC), I’ve started to research MakePlayingCards.com (MPC) as a secondary supplier. MPC seems popular with a number of deck designers and purchasers. Being based in Hong Kong, they may be a better production partner for non-North American customers.

I’ve been aware of them for some time, but after a quick look at their website I put researching them low on my 2dew List.

TGC launched holographic cards last fall; in Poker and standard Tarot size. I was interested in designing something for them; but nothing as intense as a 78 card Tarot deck. Looking at a deck someone published at MPC, I saw that they offer holographic foil stock, so I decided to modify the Choose JOY cards and test each company’s holo production.

I’ve already copied (and expanded) my blog posts here about using TheGameCrafter to self-publish Tarot and other Oracle decks to DigitalGryphonDesign.com. Now I’m adding notes there on my experience creating the new Choose JOY Holographic Meditations for both MPC and TGC, as well as adding The Tarot of Sister Who (TSW) to MPC.

So, if you’re considering self-publishing a deck- or just like to watch miracles(?) happen, pop on over.

Or, if you’re interested in shopping, check out:
My Designer’s Page at MPC.
My Designer’s Page at TGC.

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