Queer Gift Ideas: Mystical Arts

Until we live in a society that removes capitalism from the pedestal on which it is placed and introduces a guaranteed basic income, I need to sell merchandise and services to cover living expenses.

This post includes a few of my items, along with great gift ideas from other people in my life. To whatever extent you give gifts- at calendar year end or any other time- I offer these suggestions.


Summerland Candles
Hand-poured candles as well as handmade bath salts, oils and sprays by Jason. Please note all items are produced in small batches; stock on hand is limited.

Jason also offers a range of crystal satchels; sets of hand-selected smaller stones that may be carried discretely in a pocket or bag. The current themes include Abundance, Anxiety, Better Sleep, Confidence, Focus and Protection.

DISCLAIMER: We at Summerland Candles are not a medical professional; please consult your Primary Care Physician with any questions.

Sister Who

The Tarot of Sister Who
Designed for personal reflection, increased self-awareness, and contemplative meditation and illustrated with photographs of Sister Who taken in and around the mountains in Colorado. This deck has been designed for personal spiritual growth rather than divination or prognostication. That being said, there are more than enough parallels for the deck to be used that way in the right hands.

The Jumbo Deck includes:
* 78 Tarot Cards (3.5″x5.5″);
* 6 Informational Cards (3.5?x5.5?);
* In a 2-part ‘Stout Box’;
* 33 page book (as a digital download).

The Tarot of Sister Who is also available as a deck of 38 Tarot size (2.75″x4.75″) Major Arcana and Court Card Replacement cards.

image of 4 music CDsSister Who Music CDs
Dozens of original songs available on four CDs. Songs composed and performed by Sister Who- recorded in a Colorado professional recording studio. Short clips of each track are hosted at SisterWho.com.

CDs may be purchased from SisterWho.com or my Shopify-based shop; which also offers both sizes of The Tarot of Sister Who and other great gift ideas. Please note I take only a nominal fee for these sales; my priority is making the items as available as possible.

Sister Flirt

contentsChoose JOY Meditation Tin & Portable Altar
Since the first time humans believed in some unseen force(s) that might rule the world there have been spaces dedicated to worshiping or making offerings to them. Early nomadic peoples and medieval traveling clergy found various ways to carry books, candles, and other talismans.

Your tin comes with a deck of 32 small cards designed as inspiration for personal meditation or prayer. Any hand-made card of similar size may of course be substituted with a quotation or other personal prompt.

Available Printed On Demand at TheGamecrafter– and I have a few in stock at Shopify-based shop; which also offers The Tarot of Sister Who and other gift ideas.

portion of the Official CertificateGuilt Free Certificate
Have you succeeded in removing and destroying years of pent-up stigmatic guilt? Pride is not a sin; just excessive, unwarranted, pride! Rising above soul-killing, often self-destructive behaviour and removing feelings of guilt for being queer, for being creative, for surviving to this day, is an accomplishment. Sister Flirt will certify you should that be your wish.

Send a donation (US$4.00 minimum) to my Ko-fi Account; then let me know how you’d like your name to appear on the certificate, along with your mailing address. Certificates will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail without tracking.

portion of the Official Indulgence certificatePlenary Indulgence
To continue their Ministry within the confines of a consumption-based capitalist society, Sister Flirt has decided to offer their Blessings to anyone who wants to feel the relief of a genuine Sister Flirtatious Romanovsky of Middlesex, TOPI, Plenary Indulgence, in the form of a Quite Official Certificate; in exchange for a US$10.00 donation.

Please let me know how you’d like your name to appear on the certificate, along with your mailing address. Certificates will be mailed via USPS First Class Mail without tracking.

Guncle Tarot

2022 Year Card Reading
A Year Card (sometimes called your Birthday Tarot Card) is one from the Major Arcana, calculated through basic numerology, that is said to represent your year. As with all Card Readings, whether the message is seen as destiny, something to aim for, or do work to avoid, is up to the individual.

The cards pose questions and possibilities; advice for you to accept or reject. Likewise, some people suggest it applies for the 12 months that begin on that date while others apply it to the calendar year in which the birthday occurs.

I will calculate your 2022 Card of the Year (your birth month and day, but not year, is required) and pull a bonus card from Sister Flirt’s Meditation Prompts deck. From them I’ll prepare a reading to send (with the actual cards) via Postal Mail (US and Canada addresses only).

Important Notes:
# The Toronto Order of Perpetual Indulgence no longer exists as a formal organization. Sister Flirt is an independent guerilla nun; their on-line Ministry is not a registered non-profit.
# The Tarot of Sister Who may be purchased, on a Produce On Demand basis, directly from TheGamecrafter at the links above. Those decks, along with the Sister Who Music CDs, Choose JOY Tin, Summerland Candles products and various books and cards featuring the work of Brian Gryphon may be purchased (and shipped together) at my TheDigitalGryphon.com online shop.
# The bulk of the purchase price, plus any Shipping Charges, go to The Gamecrafter for processing your order and delivering a high quality item made-to-order just for you. Their website tends to be conservative with their production time estimates. At the same time, quarantine & the upcoming holidays seems to’ve increased both the number of people ordering games and the number of new games being created and uploaded.
# Please note I take only a nominal fee for promoting Sister Who and Summerland Candles items; my priority is making the items as available as possible.

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