My Pre (US) Thanksgiving Post

Despite how often I post and tweet about various annoyances, errors and crimes, my #Gratitude List is actually quite long. Beyond having food in my belly, a roof over my head and multiple families of love, I’ve lived long past my 1980’s life expectancy. From experiencing the arrival of Marriage Equality (in the USA and Canada) to a growing, if not universal, acceptance of the beautiful diversity of gender identities and sexual & gender expression; the arc of history bending, ever so slowly, towards justice.

I’ve made progress of sorts in my work to recover and process repressed memories as well as repair the deep emotional & mental impact of childhood abuse, and then living through the eruption of grid/ aids/ hiv in my communities. Life is good!

There are events or circumstances that are much deeper desires in my heart than the physical items on Wishlists I’ve created of things I’m saving to buy (but which could be gifts if someone’s looking to buy me something; just sayin’).

And so here is my Deep Wish List for 2022:
@ World Peace (I have no desire to eat whirled peas; please indulge yourself if that’s your thing);
@ Moving back & adjusting to living in S/W Ontario near by Biologicals;
@ One or more fitting tributes to the ground-breaking gay folk Romanovsky & Phillips;
@ Co-writing and hosting (or at least being in the front row for the taping of) a 90 minute, 6 contestant, Mega Super Special WLIIA? Episode.

Those last 2 items reflect that both Music and Comedy have been very important for as long as I can remember. Appreciating comedy is 1 of 3 important lessons Mom taught us. While Music (with an emphasis on lyrics) has helped me #survive2thrive.

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