My Teddies

A look at my life through my collection of Teddy Bears and other stuffed animals.

photograph of 14 stuffed toys

01 Grizzly: A birthday present from [redacted];
02 Beaver: A gift from an Account Manager when I was a purchasing agent at a large Canadian Art Supplies wholesale/retail firm;
03 Angel Bear: wearing my Participation Medallion from MLT’92 – the Mr Leatherman Toronto competitions I produced;
04 Rude Bear: So named as he has knees, and is frequently found kneeling in front of others;
05 Leather Bear: Self-explanatory;
06 Pink Ted: Purchased specifically because of a poem in my poetry chapbook;
07 Dad’s Bear: This fellow was on Dad’s bedside at the Assisted Living Center until Dad passed;
08 Kahlua: A Koala Bear given to me by a ‘boyfriend’ who was in and out of recovery;
09 Purple Dragon: A gift from the person who I moved to Ohio to be with;
10 Tiny Ted: A birthday present from [redacted];
11 Gary the Gorilla: A birthday present from [redacted];
12 Munuk: Given to me by a boyfriend who’s a member of a Salish First Nation;
13 Country Bear: From someone who thought I was into gingham;
14 Spot: A birthday present from [redacted];

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