Decks To Rehome

Every now and then a Card Reader or Collector will decide they have a deck (or two) that would be better suited in someone else’s hands. I rehomed my Aquarian Tarot Deck a few years ago to someone who truly appreciates the beautiful artwork.

I now have 3 decks in search of their new home. Two are decks that I’ve had for some time, but just do not connect with. Then there’s one set (tarot deck and 2 expansion packs) that I’m re-homing in preparation for the new edition that I will use more often.

Each of the decks is available at the price indicated below, plus USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is US$8.00 for delivery within the US for as many decks as you’d like. Payment via PayPal.

selected cardsMedieval Scapini Tarot
Publisher US Games description: “Italian artist Luigi Scapini’s lavish paintings recreate 15th century Italy in this gold-accented tarot deck. The Major Arcana and court cards have gold backgrounds in the manner of fifteenth-century European decks. Both the Major and Minor Arcana include full scenes. In the Minors, symmetrical arrangements of the suit symbols provide composition around which the scenes are arranged.” This image links to a larger version.

Published in 1985, I purchased my copy at The Occult Shop in Toronto ON that year- the LWB (‘Little White Book’) is from the 1st print run, and shows USGS being located in NYC- they’ve since moved to Connecticut. I no longer have the original tuck box. It is still in print, so this deck is available for US$12.00 plus shipping.

deck and bookLakota Sweat Lodge Cards
The 192 page 6″X9″ book and 50 card deck (3.5″x5″) was published in 1994. Although I’ve connected with other decks based on First Nations (Indigenous peoples) cultures and spiritual traditions, this one remains unused. In addition, the deck has bowed over time- see the top of the image. This image links to a larger version.

The corners aren’t ‘dog eared’ at all, and the colours are still bright. The original packaging did not make the move down to Ohio 25 years ago.

It is still in print, with the card condition as noted above, so this deck & book set is available for US$2.00 plus shipping.

St. Jinx Uncensored Tarot Deck+
As mentioned above, I’ve ordered the revised borderless version of this deck. To help pay for it, I’m selling my bordered copy. This image links to a larger version.

This set includes the uncensored all-male 78 card deck PLUS the 6 card (Queens/ Empress/ Priestess) expansion set AND 12 uncensored zodiac sign cards- 96 cards in total.

The cards were bought last year, photographed, and shuffled no more than half a dozen times. The main deck is in a tuck box; the add-ons just in a plastic bag; as I received them.

I paid US$68.82. Happy to get them to someone who likes bordered decks (did I mention these are UNCENSORED cards with male nudity?) for US$34.00 plus shipping.

At least until 1 of the decks is sold, you could snatch all 3 decks for US$42.00 (US$50 including Priority Post shipping to a US address)

Please find me on various Social Media or send a note to BrianGryphon(at)yahoo(dot)com to confirm availability.

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