Welcome To The New Year (An Update)

My first post of 2021. And a mere 7 weeks since the prior post.

Because, well, many things. Life.

Shortly after that previous post, I had the opportunity to sell the 110 year old soul-sucking money pit- before another winter’s heating bills. And with a bit of a profit. All good. Although the new owner was very eager to close as early as possible. So we did.

Had to quickly empty the house- oh, after finding a new place with no time for holidays or a long approval process. Went back to a property management company we’d used in the past, and managed to find a newly renovated place. Half the square footage, in a slowly- being- gentrified- neighbourhood. All in all, not the greatest challenge in my life, but extra stressful. And without any help from friends (blaming covid and the holiday season for that).

BTAIM (Be that as it may), we saved as much stuff as we could, and trashed or gave away a sh!t-ton of things. A great exercise, although less so when done to a very tight schedule. After getting moved in we’ve amassed 10 more bags of clothing to be donated soon.

Guncle Tarot logotypeToday is Saturday, and I am thrilled to be able to announce that as of Monday I’ll be back working full force at GuncleTarot as well as working my long-delayed The Digital Gryphon llc publishing projects.

I started to write a paragraph about one of my goals for this year being to renew my Astrology studies- long dormant as Card Reading became my main form of ‘mystical arts’ practice. About how I didn’t have time and energy for the Stars on top of the Cards as GRID/ AIDS/ HIV exploded in my community a few years after I purchased my first couple of Tarot decks. Survival. Funerals. Street activism.

My inner critic informed me that I “talk too much about that history; no one wants to hear it again.

And then I watch the news and see so many people refusing to learn lessons from the so-called Spanish Flu of 100 years ago, and the rise of authoritarianism in Europe and elsewhere. Having memories as lessons and/or comfort, without wallowing or being enmeshed in them- that’s an ongoing challenge.

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