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Just like many other folks, I have a tumultuous relationship with the behemoth known as Amazon. I used them to self-publish a number of books of my photography as well as poetic prose, am enrolled in their Affiliate Marketing programme, and do continue to purchase from their network of sites.

All that being said, I am working to reduce their involvement in my finances. They are now a supplier of last resort; I’ve removed all my various graphic designs from their Print On Demand Apparel division; and wherever possible I link to an independent producer, distributor or retailer of products. This applies to posts here as well as links at, and my various social media accounts.

To be clear, purchasing elsewhere often requires paying a bit more; but I would rather save for a bit longer, or purchase fewer items, to support diversity in our marketplaces. Links to most other sites (such as US Games Systems) are not affiliate links; I earn nothing but the warm satisfaction of helping you make a better purchase.

As 2021 progresses, I am stepping up my efforts.

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Step One is to add links to This site supports independent bookstores, as well as paying a better Affiliate Commission rate than the other site. Working towards removing all of those other links.

As of posting this, I have 50 titles in 7 categories:
# Tarot
# Astrology
# Poetry
# CanLit
# Biography
# More Great Titles

Step Two is to republish my poetry books through Ingram. This will require buying a block of ISBN numbers, revising production files, and paying Ingram Spark’s fees. Expenses that in the past I avoided by using the less-expensive Amazon division. Then I need to investigate whether my photography books at Blurb are the correct specs to also be offered through Ingram. As a side note, that should make all those titles available through and any bookseller who uses Ingram distribution.

Step Three will be to add two new titles; both the original works of other authors.

Important Disclosures:
Links to Amazon and are Affiliate Links; I will earn a small fee on any purchases you make following those links. The fees are small enough that you can be sure any positive review or purchase recommendation I make is based on the quality of the material, not the income that I might derive.

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