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My current obsession is creating Kaleidoscope Prints from my original photography and graphic design. At this moment I have over three dozen available for sale at my Pixels/FAA Kaleidoscope Gallery as well as another 18 “deceptively bright expressions of pain and anger over repressed childhood trauma” in the TeddyBear Tears Gallery at Pixels.

At one point I was asked if these images aren’t really just “very simple to push out in minutes.” As with many things, versions can be mass-generated with software. Some might be interesting- most will not. I do use a graphics program with a multitude of options to generate previews. Then the original image may be adjusted in various ways- cropped, colours adjusted in hue, brightness, saturation, etc. Only a small percentage are worth developing any further; many concepts just don’t bear fruit. Once changes are made another batch (or batches) of previews and adjustments are tried before a high-resolution file is created for upload.

Most of the base images were created here in Columbus, OH. Of course, kaleidoscopes based on floral images are not really tied to a location. Below are ten images specific to Columbus structures (although the connexion is not always obvious) and a description of the photograph it’s spun from. I also offer four Pride Sign Kaleidoscope designs from photographs of various annual Toronto ON Pride parades.


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