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November Update:
I’ve cobbled together the resources to pay for the alternator.

Now the belt pulley is squeaking. My body also squeaks. Both bodies are in need of some work, but both are still capable of a few more years. I’ve scraped together enough to pay the tow to the closest dealer; waiting for the verdict. And the total cost. My GFM campaign remains active, should anyone feel moved to assist.

Original (October) Post:
Last night (Sunday) my car died. My insurance (thanks Progressive) covers the cost of towing to the nearest dealer which confirmed that the alternator needs to be replaced US$520.

I deliver restaurant orders for an app; having a car is essential. Self-employment makes buying a new car very difficult (and expensive)- so fixing this one is critical. Before I crawled into bed I put up this GoFundMe campaign.

Before I knew it I had a very generous donation from a fellow independent Creative. They, and similar Creatives, have been incredibly supportive over the years. Sharing my designs, sending birthday gifts, paying for essentials when cash wasn’t flowing. Not only have these fine people donated more than any other community, most of them are or have been in similar financial condition.

Their funds really do mean more to me, as I know the hard choices being made.

As I write here my decades of adulthood include:
# work in the Art Materials Trade (Loomis & Toles, Cartigraph, Letraset/Bainbridge);
# selling Office Supplies (Office Depot);
# decades of LGBT/Queer political activism (starting with GYT Gay Youth Toronto in 1978);
# participation in the world of Perpetual Indulgence;
# leather/ fetish/ kink (Mr Leatherman Toronto, Trident International) communities in Canada and the USA;
(Having such lack of support in LGBT History Month, adds another layer of frustration.)
# various animal rescue groups here in central OH.

Common wisdom is that it is ‘bad form’ to call out/ embarrass/ shame folks who’ve not been as supportive. Certainly I can’t know every one’s situations. There’s no legal requirement any of them contribute- they have the freedom to support me, or not. At the same time, the number of people I’ve met and bonded with(?) over the years from these various communities would suggest at least some of them would likely be in position to contribute.

If anyone who knows me remembers me with any fondness, a donation would mean the world to me. BTW donations via PayPal to my yahoo email addy reach me more quickly.

Thank you.

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