Grand Cross Tarot Spread

diagram of 9 card layoutThe 9 Card Grand Cross Spread
In answer to a question on Instagram, I replied that the Grand Cross Spread is one of my favourites; easily adaptable to a wide variety of questions. Nine cards seems to be a great number- lots of information without overload.

There are Grand Cross versions where the horizontal line intersects the vertical line right below the #9- for a more ‘traditional christian looking’ cross. I’ve used that form at times, but this more symmetrical style is great for pairing cards.

The following variations are listed as standard spreads at; my card reading site. As noted, some are based on published works- although not always as a Grand Cross, or even a 9 card, spread.

  • New Project Grand Cross Spread
  • 1. Foundation;
  • 2. Foundation;
  • 3. What you need to know;
  • 4. Who/what supports the project;
  • 5. Who/what supports the project;
  • 6. Who/what challenges the project;
  • 7. Who/what challenges the project;
  • 8. Personal meaning, lesson learned;
  • 9. Project outcome.
  • Birthday Grand Cross Spread
    Inspired by ‘Power Tarot’ by MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. Where you are this year;
  • 2. Where you want to be;
  • 3. What stands in opposition to that desire;
  • 4. What empowers you;
  • 5. What you need to learn or create;
  • 6. Your current physical state;
  • 7. Your spiritual/ emotional state;
  • 8. A source of support;
  • 9. The likely outcome.
  • Relationship Grand Cross Spread
    *Not restricted to a romantic, or necessarily a personal, relationship.
    * Inspired by “Power Tarot” MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. How you see the other person;
  • 2. How they see you;
  • 3. The current relationship;
  • 4. What they want/expect;
  • 5. What you want/expect;
  • 6. What you need from the relationship;
  • 7. What they need from the relationship;
  • 8. Important consideration;
  • 9. Likely outcome.
  • Treasure Chest Grand Cross Spread
    * Inspired by “Power Tarot” MacGregor & Vega.
  • 1. DIAMONDS: Where you shine. Major talents, abilities and assets.
  • 2. PEARLS: What you know. Knowledge and information.
  • 3. PLATINUM CHAINS: What’s holding you back. Things or people you need to release.
  • 4. EMERALDS: Who you know. Current relationships.
  • 5. GOLD COINS: What you have. Material/ financial resources available to you.
  • 6. QUARTZ CRYSTALS: What you are learning. Knowledge & information to gain, retain.
  • 7. SAPPHIRES: Where you could shine. Emerging talents and abilities.
  • 8. RUBIES: Who you may soon know. New people/relationships entering your life.
  • 9. UNPOLISHED GEMSTONES: Your hidden lights. Assents and talents you could develop.

example of a Red Road/Blue Road spread

  • Red Road/ Blue Road Grand Cross Spread
    * Based on work of Jamie Sams; I use their Sacred Path deck.
  • 1. Present time, current lesson;
  • 2. Next lesson about to arrive;
  • 3. Where the roads cross;
  • 4. Current challenge;
  • 5. Inner wisdom you need to acknowledge;
  • 6. Spiritual illumination offered by the Ancestors;
  • 7. Old pattern/limitation you should release;
  • 8. Gift of medicine the Ancestors offer;
  • 9. Clue to an Ancestor’s gift, and how to manifest it.

Important Notes:
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