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Between the disaster that is 20 20 and losing too many lives to various causes (natural and un) I’ve been spending time contemplating a couple of projects- blending ‘Bucket List’ goals and kind of ‘Make A (dying) Wish’ ideas. Today I’d like to talk about just one. I want very much to experience a major tribute to the songs and performances of Romanovsky & Phillips. Who are they? you ask- here’s a quick intro to their part in our history.

My R&P Wish
Regular readers (and followers of my various social media accounts) know that I am an uber-fan. I run their Facebook page, the only official merch shop (t-shirts, mugs and more), updated their website, published 1 Out of 10 Therapists: The Poetry of Romanovsky & Phillips Lyrics and offer Wimpas a kernel of an idea for a musical.

But that’s not enough. A truly major tribute would be a live concert later released as a concert DVD.

In light of how many folks are resistant to taking covid-19 seriously, such an event is unlikely for years. A collection of multiple individual sessions is probably more doable. Having a CD of R&P covers by a mix of new and established singers (heavy on LGBT/Queer representation and activist performers) would still be a dream come true.
Mock up of CD case
Who would I like to see? Well, I don’t really listen to many new ‘underground’ artists, but I’ve no doubt there are plenty of great singers who could do R&P’s catalogue justice. Feel free to pass this idea along.

As for singers who’s work I do know, I have thoughts. Here are some names and suggested songs. Titles link to a blog post if I’ve written one. Lyrics and Clips links are to the official R&P website:
@ Alan Cummings- I Like To Polka (Short Clip); or perhaps The Anti-Depressant Polka;
@ Buffy Ste Marie- Be Political, Not Polite (Song Lyrics);
@ Eric Milligan- Lost Emotions (Song Lyrics) (Short Clip);
@ Holly Near- The Woman Next Door (Song Lyrics);
@ Ivan Coyote- We’ll Begin Again;
@ Janis Ian- Living In The Nuclear Age;
@ Margaret Cho- Don’t Use Your Penis For A Brain (Song Lyrics) (Short Clip)

@ Matt Alber- Once Upon A Time (Song Lyrics) (Short Clip);
@ Paul Williams- Love Is All It Takes (Song Lyrics) (Short Clip);
@ Rae Spoon- The Perfect Crime;
@ Rufus Wainright- Le Jardin de Bernadette; or perhaps Desert Rain (on youTube);
@ Sandy & Richard Riccardi- Carnival People (Song Lyrics);
@ Steve Grand- Closing Chapter (Song Lyrics);
@ Tom Goss- Let’s Flaunt It (Song Lyrics);

The complete discography has lyrics for most R&P albums (not for Ron’s solo albums) and the Shop page has short clips for a number of songs. Visit this page at the official site for a collection of youTube videos.

To be clear I’m speaking as a private individual with neither the funds nor permissions to start such a project. I am a fan, ruminating on what I would love to have happen and putting this out to the universe. No idea who’s under contract where, if any of these folks are interested, or all the intricacies of making this happen (although clearly there would be plenty of details to be wrangled).

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