Special 2020 Shirts

In order to celebrate the impending arrival of the year 2020 (in the Gregorian calendar) I’m offering a few special designs on teeshirts at the incredible, discounted, price for a limited time.
UPDATE 01/09/2020: The special discount has expired.

That price is already lower than many other designers who charge more and then run expensive Facebook and Google adverts. The quality of the base product, and the production process, is exactly the same. I would prefer not to spend advertising dollars with MegaCorp, and only use Print On Demand websites as necessary to supplement other income sources. Some compromise is necessary in the pursuit of survival.

Sure you could buy much less-expensive items, mass-produced overseas and sold by the thousands across the globe. Or you can support an independent queer Creative while subtly subverting the hetero-normative, scarcity-based, consumption-riddled corporatocracy with a gift of radical love and inclusion.

Important Notes

Other Fees: I receive no portion of shipping fees, taxes (if any) or surcharges for larger shirt sizes collected by the Production Partner.

Flashbacks Tee
So, what happens when an inappropriate sense of gallows humour looks back at a history of pharmaceutical experimentation and missing memories? A new teeshirt design. This design is offered for your amusement, as a potential holiday gift, and to help this cantankerous aging queer designer until Social Security coverage kicks in.

Available on your choice of colours and styles at my Threadless Shop.

Gryphon HypnoTherapy Tee
An image from my HypnoTherapy series; a digital creation from my original photograph of a cactus bed in a greenhouse in Toronto, ON.

Gender Queer 2020 Logo
Show your support for the right of self-expression and self-identity for all of us- but most especially for those who self-identify as GenderQueer. A revised, brighter multi-colour version of my original design for maximum impact. Support an independent queer Creative while pushing a very queer agender, er, agenda.

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