So Much Coming Out

National Coming Out Day (NCOD) was founded on October 11, 1988 by Robert Eichsberg and Jean O’Leary to celebrate the anniversary of the 1987 March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. In these current turbulent times Coming Out continues to be important. For deeply personal reasons- self-acceptance and, too often, actual survival. For the ‘greater good’ of making sure queerlings see out and proud queer people. Not necessarily as role models (being queer is not de facto being a good person) but as examples.

In years past I offered buttons, magnets and other merchandise through one or another Print On Demand website to celebrate this very important date. My closing those shops is not a reflection that Coming Out is any less important. This year I’m posting not only my original Coming Out story, but a list of a number of other posts here that touch on the importance of Coming Out.

My Coming Out Story:
1. my initial post;
2. the aftermath;
3. what I had not known;
4. queer is more than just ‘new gay’;

A Guest Post Coming Out:
@ Bisexuals live amongst us;

More Thoughts on Coming Out:
@ National Coming Out Day 2009 and the National Equality March and Rally in Washington DC;
@ Coming Out Is Still Personal (2009);
@ Why We Should Continue To Celebrate Coming Out (2014);
@ Additional thoughts to the above post (2014);
@ Fey Gay Tops (2015);
@ Coming Out As Gender [Whatever] (2016);

And The Requisite R&P Connexions:
@ Queer Progress (2016) as measured by R&P song lyrics;
@ More Queer Progress Analysis (2016);
@ Wimp- A Coming Out Story In Song (2014) A concert play list for a choral group.

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