I registered GenderQueer.Life as a response to the 2016 US Federal Election. I hoped that GQ.L would be a platform for Gender Queer folk to inspire and be inspired by each other. I started with book reviews and sharing blog posts, videos and websites of interest. Guest writers and publishing (in print) the full diversity of our community, our experiences, our hopes, dreams and struggles was to be the next step.

Between chronic medical conditions, being vastly under-employed, and beginning to face deeply (very deeply) repressed memories of abuse, the site has languished. I am not a quitter, and so renewed it last year- at US$40 a year for a .life domain. It is up for renewal in a few months; on December 11th. If I don’t renew it, a company affiliated with one or another Domain Registrar will grab it, hoping that someone else will be willing to pay a premium for the name. Free(ish) enterprise and what-not.

I would rather not have it end up as some MegaCorp marketing ploy. But as I don’t have the time or energy to keep it updated and useful, I am open to offers from individual(s) who will use it to serve our community in some fashion.

Generally, a Domain Registrar will expect the new registrant to pay for an additional year when the domain is transferred in- and I would like to get back at least some small amount toward the funds and time I’ve put in. But that’s open to discussion- finding someone who will breathe new life into the domain is my main goal.

Interested folx may message me via my various social media accounts or to briangryphon [at] att [dot] net.

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