Looking For A Guncle?

Many younger queer folks are able to live out and proud, with some level of support and love from their biologicals. Too many aren’t. And even for those who are, there are aspects of living queer that those immersed in a hetero-normative world view just will not fully appreciate. Many families (not all, of course) have for years consisted of fewer children than past generations. The number of folx who have an older queer (or queer-supportive) relative to chat with is limited.

My siblings have 6 children between them, and so I’m a guncle (gay uncle- although I self-identify as queer, but quncle has yet to catch on) to them and their various partners. That also makes me a Great Guncle to a growing number of folks. Despite that, I have more than enough experience and advice (some might call it wisdom) and love to share.

And so, I may be available to be your Guncle too.##

To be clear, I’m not really the best person to recommend the latest music, teach you vegan cooking, or render fashion advice. And I am not in a position to shower you (or me, or anyone) with fabulous merchandise, trips abroad or college tuition. Instead of focusing on a career after school, when I was 25 I watched my tribe dying around me. What we now know as hiv/aids erupted in gay communities across North America- and elsewhere. Working to build a career seemed naive; I worked retail jobs to cover the essentials while my time was spent supporting my community.

But I am more than just a survivor of those times. And more than just a teller of tales (although I do love to talk). I identify as a Queer 3rd generation CanAmerican from ON living in OH: a blogger, designer, kinkster, photographer and poet. Perhaps you’d enjoy having an old-fashioned ‘penpal’ (email or snail mail) to whom you can vent, or someone who spins tales from ‘the old days’. I’m also a tarot and oracle card reader; backed up by 40 years of openly-queer living and my vows as a TOPI Sister.

However until we live in a society that removes capitalism from the pedestal on which it is placed and introduces a guaranteed basic income, I need to sell merchandise and services to cover living expenses. Being a Guncle to queer folx is something I do can with enthusiasm and integrity. My desire to share my experiences (and their lessons) is the legacy I wish to leave. While I’d like to do so without regard to payment, medical conditions limit my income. And research has shown that people generally don’t appreciate FREE stuff as deeply as anything they have contributed toward.

This is a new project, still under development. For now, your support could be purchasing a card reading- I have a wide variety of pre-designed spreads at GuncleTarot.com. Or you can make a donation through ko-fi (as in, buy me a cuppa) and add a private comment that you’d like to have my email addy and exchange letters.

## In these litigious and outrage-addicted times I must limit my readings and correspondence to people who have achieved the ‘age of majority’ according to the laws of wherever they live. By contacting me you certify that you are of legal age, and have initiated this correspondence seeking only advice and friendship

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