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40 years ago Harvey Milk was assassinated.

40 years ago next Spring, what would become the world-wide phenomenon of Perpetual Indulgence also erupted in SanFran.

40 years ago next Feb some Canadian queers celebrated the first annual Pink Triangle Day.

40 years ago this summer I came out. In a local newspaper and to my biologicals.

40 years ago this Fall I told the boss at my new job that I needed to take a week and go into seclusion. For mental health reasons- which my brain refuses, still, to clarify or explain.

When I was 25 what would become known as AIDS erupted in queer communities in North America. I could not imagine living past 40- and when my 40th birthday was on the horizon I had to move out of Toronto, out of Ontario, out of Canada. And try and figure out how to grow old, and honour the fallen.

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