Oracle Cards

Oracle, or Divination, cards are decks designed for a more limited subject or theme than the traditional Tarot card deck. Such decks typically have around 3 or 4 dozen cards, making them perfect for a focused reading. They might also bring focus to a tarot reading; tarot’s 78 cards cover a lot of ground. When I set up my Etsy Shop I offered readings with either a Tarot deck or one of two decks inspired by various First Nations traditions.

Oracle Decks by Doreen Virtue
While visiting old friends back in Toronto in June, I was gifted these 3 decks. The artwork is gorgeous, and they are not something I would purchase with my limited funds. I took this as a sign that it is time to expand GCR readings beyond the spreads and decks I had been offering.

I must admit that the Archangel Micheal deck has been put aside at this point. The other two decks are the basis of my new GPS Guidance & Purpose Spreads; using five cards from two related decks for a succinct and powerful reading on moving forward with a purpose. That spread is available in 3 variations; tarot, First Nations decks, or Virtue oracle decks.

This month I have added two additional Double Deck Spreads to the Etsy shop. The DDS 4 States Spread and DDS Chakras Spreads are also offered in multiple versions.

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