Happy Bday To Me

I will complete my 60th orbit around Sol on July 25th. Mom said I finally popped out (I came out later) around 4:25pm. A few weeks later than expected. As a consequence I tend to either be noticeably late, or overly early, for things.

But I digress. In spite of being a middle-class white man living in North America, some stuff I did, stuff I didn’t do, stuff that happened around me, make this birthday a big deal. To mark this occasion I decided to ‘pay it forward’ to queer communities across southern Ontario with my “Summer of 60 Tour” which started in June and will continue in September. Should any group desire to host me see that page for more information on the tour, and what minimal commitment is required.

I decided about a week ago that I also wanted to do something a bit more selfish- to treat myself.

A quick story- a throwback to my youth. I did not write many fan letters; in fact I sent only one. I wrote to Red Skelton (presumably via the network that presented his tv show) and received an autographed 8×10 ‘glossy’ (full-colour photograph). In it, he was sitting in what I recall (the photograph did not make it through my many moves) as a throne-like chair. On one hand he had a HUGE, glorious, ring. Red- presumably a ruby. Although that photograph is long-gone, Dad did present me with an autographed copy of Red’s book The Great Lazarus– acquired via his Masonic connexions as I understand it.

I was never much of an autograph collector, nor writer of fan mail. A scan of posts in the Brushes With Fame category here show how I now use Social Media to interact (to a more or lesser degree depending on the individual) with various persons of some note.

And that is the lead-in to this request for birthday gifts. I would like very much to receive signed birthday cards (even a post card counts) from as many of the individuals on my Twitter Persons Of Some Fame list as can be cajoled into sending something to me at 31 Hayden Ave, Columbus OH 43222.

As I note on my Instagram account, “Dropping a hint to names on my Twitter list also count as a birthday gift, should you decide to do so. Certainly would not be upset to receive cards from other folks.

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