More TBT Kaleidoscope Pieces

Spinning pain into joy

Continuing my series of Teddy Bear Tears Kaleidoscopes – “deceptively bright expressions of pain and anger over repressed childhood trauma.” I don’t know if my resistance to a palette of only/mostly dark shades and muted colours is a strategy to keep the horror at bay, a refusal to use obvious ‘inner demons’ imagery (replaced here with traditional symbols of childhood), or a desire to focus on the moments of happiness (cue “Cats” soundtrack?). It may be the same subconscious thing that stopped me, for 30 years, from writing any poetic prose after Somewhere. And only a few pieces since. See also the first page of the series.

Each of these pieces is available on canvas, metal, acrylic, wood or fine art papers at our Fine Art America gallery. These pieces are not available smaller than 24″ due to the amount of detail; as shown in the close-ups. Click on each of the full pieces to see a much larger image; click on the detail image to go to our FAA Galleries.

Teddy Bear Tears 854k8

Teddy Bear Tears 1217k8

Teddy Bear Tears 3042k8
A kaleidoscope of colourful shapes; sub-titled “Eggs and Roses”.

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