December Rose Prints

On December 1, 2010 (World AIDS Day) I decided to see what, if any, blooms were left in the Whetstone Park of Roses here in Columbus OH. With our recent moderate winters, even a snowfall did not necessarily mean everything was dead and gone. I have previously written about the experience; here is a short quote from that post and youTube vid I’ve done:

“Why roses?” you might ask. I could talk about their near-universal symbolism or ruminate on how artificial modern hybrid roses are; genetically-altered mutants bred for human pleasure regardless of the impact on Mother Nature. The symbolism that flowers die, set seed (unless sterile) and are born anew next Spring. How some of these images do contain both new buds and dead blooms…

I donate 90% of my royalties from all December Rose images to AMFAR (or other registered non-profit for foreign income). This includes:
# sales of the book of photographs at Blurb;
# sales of cards & other items at CafePress****;
# sales of the Wall Calendar at Lulu;
# And now, Special Edition prints at Fine Art America (as shown here).

The donation is US$20.00 per book or FAA print with smaller amounts for items at the other two Production Partners.

On 09/28/18 it was announced that CafePress is being acquired; and I have closed my last remaining shop there.

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