Dora: A Headcase- A Review of Sorts

DORA: A Headcase
© 2012 by Lidia Yuknavitch
Hawthorne Books, Portland OR
ISBN: 978-0-9834775-7-0

This book is filled with examples of gorgeous if not stunning language and imagery:
the scent of something too sweet and lingering in the room.
Like childhood.
” (page 113)

For those who love language, this book is a treat. For folks who know the inspiration it can be seen as ‘tweaking the nose’ of Freudians. There’s plenty of ‘inappropriate humour’ and sexual references subtle and less-so. If that is how you engage and enjoy this book, great.

As someone who has a vague and unwritten truce with my past, with direct and anecdotal experience of therapy, I have been so overwhelmingly in love with this book that it’s taken me three weeks to manage even this short review. I want the artist who wrote this to experience record-breaking sales, yet I don’t want to cheapen it by having it seen by the profane masses.

Yes, that level of connexion.

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