DNR 2.0

Update: Jan. 4, 2016
DNR 2.0 Breaks the Interwebs ! ! !
Yes, over a million hits in a quarter-hour as crazed fans attempt to grab a moment of history. The unintentional DDOS was a hair’s breath away from collapsing the entire internet.

The website went dark but the pair continued the show as ADD Jeff started back-up streams through muddy waters and bayous. He promised that there would be a recording to replay later. The site’s chat room disappeared; possibly as the expletives filter crashed under the onslaught of colourful language.

Update: April 6, 2016
Free DNR2.0
HBO, Showtime, and other Premium cable channels offer free weekends- but they ain’t got nothin’ like Derek and Romaine. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself for FREE April 15-17th..

Derek and Romaine- that lovable, raunchy, saucy, queer pair of radio hosts that used to have a show on SiriusXM’s OutQ are back. The following is the text of Romaine’s Facebook Note announcing their new show. Independent. Listener-driven. Cheap and only occasionally tacky (meant in the best way).

“What in the world is DNR 2.0? For the past few months you have probably seen me posting about DNR 2.0 but I’m sure you have wondered to yourself at some point during that time what it is. Well, I am here to answer all your questions. DNR 2.0 is the rebirth and revision on the Derek and Romaine Show that so many people came to know and love at SiriusXM. When our show was cancelled 6 months ago it not only came as a shock and disappointment to us but it made both Derek and I really evaluate our futures. After all we had been saddled with each other for over 12 years. Perhaps, it was time to go out on our own? We both spent some time thinking it over before coming to a conclusion that I think our listeners were already very well aware of. Our show has a chemistry and uniqueness that you can’t produce just anywhere. It has a colorful flair that is designed to not only entertain but to make our listeners feel welcome to be themselves too. In the weeks, following our cancellation we were reminded time and time again that our show wasn’t just a show. It was a place where people came together to hang out and feel not only included, but felt welcomed! In those times, we came together we not only had fun but we did a tremendous amount of good in the communities we served. Which leads us to DNR 2.0.

“Once Derek and I had decided to stick together the only thing left to determine was where we would do our show. I can assure you that we did our due diligence in trying to find the right home for our show. Many listeners hoped and I think still hope we would return to SiriusXM. That option was never on the table. After all how could it be? They cancelled us and after it was all said and done my view of the company I called home for 12 years had changed. Derek and I met with new companies, agents and pretty much anyone we could schedule a meeting with. We worked hard and fast as we knew our time had to be spent as wisely as possible. In the end, we decided there was only one possible route that would enable us to do the show that we love doing. A show where we could continue to interact with our listeners, be censorship free and a show that would continue to provide the quality entertainment our listener expected. We decided DNR 2.0 would be a show that was not managed by some corporation or program director. DNR 2.0 belongs to you as it is designed for you! ”

Visit derekandromaine.com for details, subscriptions, and so much more!

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