Upcoming Workshop

I just received confirmation that my proposal has been accepted. I will be leading a workshop on Recording Your Story at the upcoming PrimeTimers World Wide Convention here in Columbus.

MEMOIRS: Recording Your Story
          Do you want to share your experiences (and lessons learned) with the world, or perhaps just your family, the one of birth or of choice? Now is the time to start the process. During the session Brian Gryphon of Digital Gryphon Publishing will provide guidance on how to get started and what the process may involve. Modern technology offers options such as Print On Demand books & magazines, eBooks and blogs.

          You might decide to prepare a complete book or publish smaller pieces on specific themes or topics. A blog is a form of on-line journal which is great for those who are computer-savy. Others may prefer to publish a collection as a book or a full-colour magazine; Brian will explore various options, including submitting your story to anthologies.

          Some people prefer to assign themselves a specific deadline and work ‘full-time’ on the project while others are successful with shorter sessions on a regular schedule to allow their memories to gel. However you decide to share it, your history is our history.

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