Early Morning Thoughts

Driving home from taking jason to work (for 6am shift) I was listening to The Bridge; Channel 32 on Sirius Satellite Radio. The station plays “the softer side of classic rock” with ‘The Village Folk Show‘ Sunday mornings.

Much of my music listening now is devoted to artists and songs from my youth. Not so much because I think that all the new stuff is garbage; some is, but then so was some from my youth. Rather good music is like ‘comfort food‘ – makes me happy. Or at least, it helps me process whatever is happening in my life. Because so much of life is the antithesis of the fundamentalist view of ‘a world of black & white‘ I try to balance not living in the past‘ with ‘those who forget history are doomed to repeat it‘. So I enjoy ‘Rumour Has It‘ and ‘Come To Me‘ and other works by current artists, while listening to the music of my youth.

A real treat is when one of those artists from my past releases new material or new versions of their old work. Very occasionally the new version strikes me as a sad attempt to ‘update material to be hip‘ but more often I appreciate the life experience behind the new material. In addition, much of my attraction to a song is what the lyrics say to me. Although some songs no longer seem relevant far more still are; and many even more so.

Not only does the artist bring life experience, I’ve had additional decades of living from which to draw parallels. Experience that makes some lyrics that much more meaningful. This was clear to me this morning as I listened to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine‘ and Bob Seger’s ‘Like A Rock‘.

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