Match-making (Not)

I am not so naive as to believe that just because I like two people (or enjoy their work, or find their tweets of interest) that means they would automatically be a perfect match; for love, friendship or as creative co-conspirators. Sure in the past I’ve attempted such match-making. And I’ve experienced it as well. So I know that while it can work, it is rare.

Earlier today I sent the following tweet:

My comment was not based on something as superficial as ‘both are celebrities who are public about their chemical dependency’ – it is based on the humourous yet deeply personal and honest approach each takes. Kristen’s style is, as reflected in her Twitter handle, a little more colloquial. Paul tweets more about #gratitude but I don’t believe Kristen is any less grateful. And the clips I’ve seen (at Paul’s web-site) of his speaking suggests he would be anything but offended by her.

Not that a collaboration would be the worst idea.

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