Happy Mothers’ Day

I used the plural possession form of Mother because today I recognize and celebrate so many Mothers in my life. First and foremost is my Mom – gone five years but never gone from my heart.

With Mom at Toronto Zoo

Then there are the other Mothers in my biological family; my two sisters (Karen and Kathy) are both Moms. My brother is married and Jing is a Mother. Two of my three nieces (Melissa and Kayla) are Moms; both newly so. The third niece is but an infant herself.Two of my three nephews are married with children; so Jan and Crystal are both Mothers.

From my days at Theatre Kent in Chatham ON shortly after I graduated, through my years living in Toronto, to my current home here in central Ohio I have been blessed to have women in my life that have, each in their own way, been like a Mother to me. There are too many to list, some might prefer not to be mentioned, and some may be happier to think of themselves more like a ‘sister’. But I thank each one for all they have done for me.

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