Drawer of Northern Cardinals

Drawer of Northern Cardinals;
Various Dates and Locations

Image © Copyright 2001 by Terry Evans,
used with permission

One of the assignments I have to do in my Humanities course at Columbus State is to write a paper on a piece of artwork found in a local museum or gallery that was created after 1850. I was leaving the Columbus Museum of Art with a list of four pieces of interest when this one caught my eye. Not recognizing the artist’s name, I took a picture of it, and added it to the bottom of my list. I went to a local library branch and checked out a book about William Wegman, thinking I would write about him and his work “The Tilted Chair.”

But I kept returning to my photograph of this piece; so I tracked down some information about the artist. Information and opinions on long-dead artists are often easier to find, but I did manage to find information on Terry Evans, and wrote this paper which was well-received by both the artist and my instructor. Terry’s work is thought-provoking; subjects have ranged from the Prairies to ‘Industrial Artifacts’ to Greenland.

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